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Featured Book - The Twins Trilogy

The story of twins, separated at age four and desperately seeking each other at age 11 is told in three novels. KENDALL'S STORM, follows the frightened and lonely boy twin as he travels with his father through many states and finally to the Long Beach Peninsula in southwest Washington. He… - Read More
It was a good thing I started reading this book (Kendall's Storm) on a Sunday morning, because once I started I could not stop.? It may be fiction but it has a sincerity and a ring of truth throughout.
- Wilson James, author
(Kylea's Tree) an original, insightful, gut-splitting and romantic pre-coming-of-age story of journey and growth
- Naomi Myrick, The Billings Gazette
Janet Muirhead Hill has brought us an enchanting tale. Twins, separated at an early age, constantly wonder if they'll ever be reunited. For nine years they live far distant from one another? Kyle in the mid-west and Kendall on the west coast. A series of unusual and well-described events change their lives once more. Ms. Hill is a gifted story teller. While this book is intended primarily for young adults, it's a great read for those of any age.
- Jim Moore, author
(in Kendall's Storm) you produce characters that simultaneously can be repellent and sympathetic, which allows the reader not simply to judge them as good or bad, but to understand the deeper contexts surrounding and affecting their struggles and choices.
- Aurora Macke, PhD, educator and author
(In Kyleah's Tree) Hill pens an authentic portrayal of struggles, both real and imagined, faced by a child living in a foster home. She gets right to the heart of the matter, making it easy for the reader to identify with Kyleah, who, like many children, just wants a place to belong.
- www.curledupwithagoodkidsbook.com
Kendall and Kyleah's struggles as separated twins, each wondering if the other is still alive, continues in this coming-of-age story Both are doing well in their respective foster home placements, Kendall on the Washington coast, Kyleah in Kansas, when the story opens. A house fire on the coast and a tornado in Kansas spin both preteens into a turmoil as their journey to their thirteenth birthday and their ninth year apart looms. Hill keeps young readers turning pages in this fast-paced, action-filled and totally satisfying novel.
- Jan Walker, author of Romar Jones Takes a Hike and An Inmate?s Daughter

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