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Featured Book - Fergus: The Soccer-Playing Colt

A palomino colt, bred to play polo, prefers soccer instead. Follow the adventures of Fergus and the two boys who love him as they go on a National soccer tour to promote the sport. All is well until a couple of thugs decide they want the athletic colt for their… - Read More
"Fergus is a delightful polo pony colt that shows a natural talent as a soccer goalkeeper. He comes to the attention of an international audience and is taken on a tour of America's major cities in a series of demonstration soccer matches. Along the way, Fergus is stolen by an unscrupulous rodeo stock dealer from west Texas.
This is an excellent read for mid-grade boys and girls. Fergus the colt emerges as a character with his own personality, as does his pal, Bouncer the dog. The author emphasizes teamwork in both play and in the tracking down of the lost Fergus. He has given varied and interesting voices to all his characters, making them easy to delineate. This is an excellent book for reluctant readers. We rated it a high four hearts."

--Bob Spear, Publisher and Chief Reviewer, Heartland Reviews
- Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

2005 Paperback, 178 pages.
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