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Featured Book - Listen to Your Spirit e

Orphaned in an airplane crash in the African jungle, Kelly, age 12 and her brother Jake, age 10, must find their way out of a dense, foreign Jungle, country, and continent to find their way back to Florida to and aunt and uncle, their only living relatives since the crash.… - Read More
What a wonderful story with many lessons intertwined. Excellently written that draws the reader into the experiences of Kelly and Jack. With a bit of emotions and mystery a compelling story for all to read.
- Amazon Customer
With tears flowing I just finished Kayo Fraser's latest book. It's a page turner - full of surprise, love and just enough spiritual woo-woo. You won't put it down. .
Ron Turner, author of They Call Me Papa
- Amazon Customer
Listen to your Spirit is a wholesome read for teenagers, full of unexpected and imaginative adventures, twists, and turns exposing them to situations and issues outside of normal contemporary teenage experience. Healthy and mind-stretching.
- hsnedwob

2019 Print, 180 pages.

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