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Featured Book - PRISM by Joan Bochmann

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Debra Randall, the lovely and talented heiress of the "richest man in California" is missing. The detective… - Read More
Memories, murder, and mystery woven into a tangled web of stories within a story. Unusual and intriguing.
- Heidi M. Thomas, award-winning author of the “Cowgirl Dreams” series, “American Dream” series, and Cowgirl Up: A History of Rodeo Women.
This intriguing missing-persons story contains many elements beyond the mystery. PRISM has an intricate plot, and presents complex family dynamics with its well-defined characters. Strong writing!

- Kae Cheatham Editor and Author of Hammer Come Down and other published titles.
This fine novel is interesting on several different levels: a riveting crime case, a view of history of the troubled Vietnam War era, military draft policies, and effects as viewed from two generations. It's an intricate puzzle and story of a missing person case and an example of how mental health crises can impact families and friends; and it's a touching love story.
The most affecting element, though, is that this book is a collaboration between two sister-authors. Janet Muirhead Hill’s readable and involving writing combines with the plot, characters, and unfinished manuscript of her beloved late sister, Joan Bochmann.
All writers and readers know that this task of finishing a book requires imagination, skill, insight, and love. This good book, PRISM, accomplishes that admirable task and honors both of the sister-writers.

- Marcia Meliton, author of The Boarding House, Joe Henry’s Journey, Joe Henry’s Return, and Nighthawk’s Harmonica.
Debra Randall is gone. Her father, her boyfriend, her best friend—all men who love her, each in their own way—are devastated. Has she only run away or has something much more dire befallen her? From California to Texas to Colorado to Canada, the search goes on. Detective Patrick Garrigan investigates every facet, certain that each of the men in Ms. Randall’s life know something that they aren’t telling, that they are withholding secrets and for each of them it is personal and unique, each secret holding an important key…On top of that, what is it about the necklace that he’s told she wears, a chunk of glass shaped like a prism that seems to send her into a trance or hypnotic state? So many questions that take him and the men in her life on a journey that weren’t expecting.
- James Paddock, author of Saving Ebony and Webbed Secrets

2020 Paperback, 264 pages.

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