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Giving wings to great books since 2002

About Raven Publishing

The mission of Raven Publishing is to engage, entertain, excite, and inspire readers through the publication of thoughtful, compelling books. We publish works that contribute to the greater literary community, encourage imagination, and foster the relationship between author and reader.

Launched in 2002 with two middle-grade novels, Raven Publishing went on to publish four more novels by the end of 2004, completing the six-book Miranda and Starlight series by Raven’s founder, Janet Muirhead Hill.

In 2005, Raven accepted and published books by other authors, expanding Janet’s self-publishing company to become a small commercial press (one where the publisher pays the author royalties in exchange for rights to publish). Raven continued to publish award-winning novels by various authors at the rate of two or three per year through 2008.

With the crash of the economy and a drastic drop in book sales, Raven took a moratorium in 2009 and 2010 to restructure and ride out the difficult financial times. We used this time to publish all of our print titles as e-books on Amazon’s Kindle and Smashwords.com and to prepare more books for publication. In 2011 we resumed publication with more titles in both print and ebook formats.

Our purpose has been and still is two-fold: to produce books worthy of a reader’s time and to help authors who have tried unsuccessfully to gain the attention of larger presses to make their words available for the public to enjoy.

Our list of published works include juvenile, young adult, and adult titles including historical novels, literary novels, a memoir, legal mysteries, children’s picture book, compilations of short stories, and literature units. All are available in softcover, a few also in hardcover, and all but the picture book and literature units are available for Kindle and other e-readers at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. To view our complete list, go to our catalog.

Other publishing options

Now, in addition to our traditional publishing model, we offer two options for helping authors get their books in print. While adjusting to the evolution of the book industry and our financial circumstances, we have had to limit the number of books we buy rights to, but we have not lost sight of our goal to help authors get quality and important books in print and available to the public.


Co-publishing, wherein we work closely with the author, both financially and artistically to represent the work favorably. For an agreed upon price, Raven will provide the following:
  • Close editing
  • Quality design of your choice, both book cover and interior layout
  • E-book formatting and layout
  • E-book placed for sale on Amazon’s Kindle and on Smashwords.com
  • Quality bound and printed books, (in a quantity we agree upon)
  • A 50% discount off retail price for additional copies
  • Your title made available on Amazon.com
  • Limited marketing and distribution to independent bookstores and gift shops where applicable
  • A 10% royalty on print books sold by Raven from our supply
  • 50% of proceeds from ebook sales
  • ISBN, bar code, and CIP for the copyright page
  • Your book listed on Bowker Books in Print
  • Copyright registration in your name
  • We seek and welcome author input every step of the way.
For co-publishing we evaluate submissions with the same regard to Raven’s standards as outlined in our submission guidelines.

For more details, submission, and price estimate email us at info@ravenpublishing.net


A la carte services.
  • Editing
  • Cover design
  • Interior layout, design, and typesetting
  • Ebook formatting
As in option one, for more details, a cost analysis, and to discuss your project, send email to: info@ravenpublishing.net or call by phone, 406-685-3545.

Please note that these services are available from other sources. I advise you to shop and compare both prices and qualifications.* Our goal is to make them as affordable as possible so that you have a chance of recouping your investment with a product you are proud of.

*Qualifications and limitations of Raven Publishing and editor, Janet Muirhead Hill:

Be forewarned: We are weak in the area of marketing and distribution since Raven no longer has a marketing director or a means to get our books readily accessible to chain stores who only want to buy from a distributer. If you are looking for a world-wide audience, we are not for you.

I have been designing covers and layout and typesetting for sixteen years, and my only qualification for doing so is my experience and the products I’ve designed. See our catalog to check out the books I’ve done and/or request a sample by mail. The only covers I didn’t design are Election Day, Body on the Floor of the Rotunda, and An Inmate’s Daughter.

I have studied English and English writing at Montana State University, but do not have a degree in either. I studied with Institute of Children’s Literature, and received certification in two programs: short stories and novels. I use the Chicago Manual of Style as my main style and grammar guide. When I offer editing, it means that I go over it more than once, both forward and backward, but I’m not infallible—as lingering typos, especially in the very early novels, attest. I do my best with the help of other editors’ eyes, to keep mistakes at a minimum. I invite you to sample our books and note the quality we produce.
For any other questions, please contact me at Janet@ravenpublishing.net