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About Raven Publishing
Celebrating Twenty Years

For twenty years, the mission of Raven Publishing has been to entertain, excite, and inspire readers through the publication of thoughtful, compelling books.

Our history (From the fall of 2001 to the fall of 2021)

Established and registered with the State of Montana in 2001, Raven Publishing launched two middle-grade novels in 2002 and went on to publish four more by the end of 2004, completing the first six books of the Miranda and Starlight series Janet Muirhead Hill. An additional three (The Teen Years) were added to the series in 2015, 2016, and 2017, bringing Miranda and her friends to adulthood and the series to an end with nine volumes.

In 2005, two more books by two new authors were added to our stable of books. We continued to publish award-winning novels by various authors at the rate of two or three per year through 2008.

With the crash of the economy and a drastic drop in book sales, we took a moratorium in 2009 and 2010 to restructure and ride out the difficult financial times. We used this time to publish all of our print titles as e-books on Amazon and Smashwords.com and to prepare more books for publication. In 2011 we released more titles in both print and ebook formats and have published two to six books every year since. As of 2021, Raven has published 51 titles by 21 authors. Yes, Raven is and always has been a very small publisher, but one producing quality books we are proud of as are our satisfied authors.

Our list of published works includes juvenile, young adult fiction, and adult titles including historical novels, literary novels, memoirs, legal mysteries, and books of short stories and essays plus four literature units for adapting novels for classroom use. To view our complete list, go to our catalog.

As our marketing department is currently unstaffed, we are not accepting any new submissions.