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About Raven Publishing

The mission of Raven Publishing is to engage, entertain, excite, and inspire readers through the publication of thoughtful, compelling books. We publish works that contribute to the greater literary community, encourage imagination, and foster the relationship between author and reader.

Celebrating our fourteenth year in publication, Raven Publishing, Inc. is launching a new product line: Picture books for the 0-4 age group. We are starting small with one picture book in 2016. Billings and Jingles: the First Big Adventure, by Janet Muirhead Hill and illustrated by Herb Leonhard, will be available in hardcover early this summer with a soft cover available in the fall. If it succeeds as well as we hope, we'll start accepting manuscripts for picture books in the future. Also in 2016, the eighth volume of the Miranda and Starlight saga will be published. Horses for Sale: a Miranda and Starlight Story, by Janet Muirhead Hill, will be available this summer. Like the other books of this series, it sports a beautiful cover by artist Pat Lehmkuhl. This is the final book of this series. (Or so we think; we’ve said that before).

Begun in 2002 with two middle-grade novels, Miranda and Starlight and Starlight's Courage, the first two books of the Starlight Series, Raven Publishing went on to publish four more novels by the end of 2004, completing the six book series by Raven's CEO and founder, Janet Muirhead Hill.

In 2005, Raven accepted and published books by other authors, expanding Janet's self-publishing company to become a commercial press with a small staff. Raven continued to publish award-winning novels by various authors at the rate of two or three per year through 2008. The goals of Raven Publishing were and are two-fold: to produce quality books with content worthy of a reader's time and to help authors who have tried and failed to gain the attention of larger presses to get their good writing and content into print, available for public consumption.

With the crash of the economy and a drastic drop in book sales, Raven took a moratorium in 2009 and 2010 to restructure and ride out the difficult financial times. Other than making its print titles also available as e-books on Amazon's Kindle and Smashwords.com, we published nothing until 2011 when more authors and several more titles were added to our stable of books. To date, we have published more than thirty titles by a dozen authors with many more to come. We publish juvenile, young adult, and adult titles, including historical novels, literary novels, a memoir, and legal mysteries and thrillers. All are available in softcover, a few also in hardcover, and all available for Kindle and other e-readers at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

We encourage readers and potential readers to contact us with comments, questions, and reviews at info@ravenpublishing.net.