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About Raven Publishing

The mission of Raven Publishing is to engage, entertain, excite, and inspire readers through the publication of thoughtful, compelling books. We publish works that contribute to the greater literary community, encourage imagination, and foster the relationship between author and reader.

Launched in 2002 with two middle-grade novels, Raven Publishing went on to publish four more novels by the end of 2004, completing the six-book Miranda and Starlight series by Raven's founder, Janet Muirhead Hill.

In 2005, Raven accepted and published books by other authors, expanding Janet's self-publishing company to become a small commercial press (one where the publisher pays the author royalties in exchange for rights to publish). Raven continued to publish award-winning novels by various authors at the rate of two or three per year through 2008.

With the crash of the economy and a drastic drop in book sales, Raven took a moratorium in 2009 and 2010 to restructure and ride out the difficult financial times. We used this time to publish all of our print titles as e-books on Amazon's Kindle and Smashwords.com and to prepare more books for publication. In 2011 we resumed publication with more titles in both print and ebook formats.

Our purpose has been and still is two-fold: to produce books worthy of a reader's time and to help authors with compelling and important books, but unable to gain the attention of larger presses, to make their words available for the public to enjoy.

Our list of published works includes juvenile, young adult fiction, and adult titles including historical novels, literary novels, memoirs, legal mysteries, children's picture book, children's coloring book, compilations of short stories, a compilation of essays, and literature units. We also, under the imprint, Nesting Tree Books, publish books by kids for kids and have one currently available and in print. All are available in softcover, a few also in hardcover, and all but the picture book, color book, and literature units are available electronically at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. To view our complete list, go to catalog.

We offer three options for publishing your book. Be aware that the same vetting process applies to each option, and that every submission goes through our acquisition committee for approval before a book is accepted. Before submitting, please review Raven's standards as outlined in our submission guidelines.

OPTION ONE: the standard publishing agreement wherein Raven Publishing acquires the right to publish in exchange for a 10% royalty to the author on net profits of print books and 50% royalty to the author on ebooks. (Of this option, we publish one or two per year)

OPTION TWO: the standard publishing agreement with the exception that the author pays for printing and shipping costs in exchange for 40% royalty. (one or two per year)

OPTION THREE: Exactly the same as option one except that the author agrees to purchase a predetermined quantity of copies of his or her book in advance. See quantity/discount structure below.* (three to five per year)

For every book we publish, regardless of the option chosen, we work closely with the author, to present the work in a form we can all be proud of. For every book, regardless of the option chosen, Raven will provide the services of a traditional publisher including the following:
  • Close editing

  • Quality design of your choice, both book cover and interior layout

  • ISBN, bar code, and CIP for the copyright page

  • Your book listed on Bowker Books in Print

  • E-book formatting and layout

  • E-book placed for sale on Amazon's Kindle and on Smashwords.com

  • Quality bound and printed trade-paperback books (Hardcover available at an added cost)

  • A 50% discount off retail price for purchases made in any quantity at any time after publication.

  • Your title made available on Amazon.com

  • Limited marketing and distribution to independent bookstores, gift shops, and tradeshows where applicable

  • Listing for sale in our print and online catalogs

  • Author is paid a royalty on all print books sold by us

  • 50% of proceeds from ebook sales

  • Copyright registration in your name

  • We seek and welcome author input every step of the way.

Before submitting, please read our limitations and qualifications below**

*Our quantity/discount schedule for purchasing books in advance under option three:

Pricing schedule:
# of copies% of retail price you pay in advance
100 - 19980%
200 - 29975%
300 - 49960%
500 - 99950%
1000 - 1999 47%
2000 plus45%

After your initial order, you may buy any number of books at any time for 50% of retail.

This is also true with the standard agreement. (We never sell in competition with the author. There will be a non-competition clause in the author-publisher agreement.)

** Limitations of Raven Publishing and qualifications of our editor-in-chief, Janet Muirhead Hill. Although we do everything we can with our limited staff to get the word out about your book, we do not currently have a national distributor other than Amazon, which distributes both nationally and internationally. This may limit the sales potential of your book.

Janet Hill, CEO and editor-in-chief has studied English and English writing (among other majors) at Montana State University but doesn't have a degree in either. She studied with Institute of Children's Literature and completed and received certification in two programs: short stories and novels. At Raven, we use the Chicago Manual of Style as our main style and grammar guide. For any further questions, please contact her at: Janet@ravenpublishing.net.
She has been designing covers and doing the layout and typesetting of our books for sixteen years, and her only qualification for doing so is her experience and self-taught skill, as evidenced in the products she's designed.

See our catalog. or request samples by mail. The only covers she didn't design are Election Day, The Body on the Floor of the Rotunda, and An Inmate's Daughter.

Briana Alvine, assistant editor, also works with students at Montana State University. A high school literature and writing teacher for eight years, Bree recently moved to Montana with her two children and husband. She loves to write as well, focusing her writing on the growth that stems from hardship. Brianna graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with her Bachelor's degree in English, emphasizing in creative writing, in 2006, then went on to earn her post-baccalaureate secondary teaching license, her Master's from Walden University in psychology, and is currently finishing her second Master's in Teaching and Learning. Travel is a passion of Bree's, and she loves to experience the world. In her life, Bree wishes to affect positive change and believes literature to be a great place to start.

As time allows, both Janet Hill and Brianna Alvine will supply the following services for those who interested in assistance in preparing their manuscripts for submission or their books for self-publishing.

A-la-carte Editing and Design Services:

We offer one per-hour rate for editing with the understanding that some types of editing will take longer than others, thereby compensating the editor according to the difficulty of the job. — $30.00

• Developmental Editing: Guiding an author in conceiving the topic, planning the overall structure, and developing an outline—and may coach authors in their writing, chapter by chapter. This is true developmental editing. When a developmental editor is engaged after the rough draft is written, but the author requires substantial revision and restructuring, developmental editing becomes a radical form of substantive editing.

• Comprehensive or Substantive Editing: In-depth, intense, thorough, a comprehensive edit tackles a manuscript line by line. The editor cuts down on wordiness and tightens the language to create a more enjoyable read. This type of edit hunts down clumsy or awkward sentences that take away from the rhythm of your prose. 

• Copy editing: Involves the following six areas of scrutiny. The editor
1. Checks for and corrects errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation.
2. Checks for technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals, hyphenation. In other words, is the style consistent throughout the book.
3. Checks for continuity errors and makes sure that all loose ends are tied.
4. Checks for factual errors, especially for non-fiction manuscripts, such as historical pieces and memoirs.
5. Checks for potential legal liability such as libel or plagiarism.
6. Checks for inconsistency in character description, plot points, and setting.

• Proofreading: When the material is nearly a finished product, the proofreader searches for typographical and formatting errors.

• Layout and typesetting: of print books: 1.00 per page + $50.00 extra for TOCs (Table of Contents)

• Cover Design: $250.00 + cost of illustrations if any.

• Ebook formatting: $50.00 + $2.50 per item in TOC if navigation required.