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Starlight Shines for Miranda (Book 5) by Janet Muirhead Hill

Miranda Stevens is twelve years old in book five of the Miranda and Starlight series. She is, she believes she is the luckiest girl in the world. Her missing father, whom she never knew before, has returned to become a part of her life, and her favorite black stallion, Starlight, is now half hers, with the promise that he will be all hers when Mr. Taylor dies. She spends every spare moment with Starlight, exploring the hills and pastures on the large Shady Hills Ranch, both of them happy to be together. But when Mr. Taylor takes Starlight on a racing tour without her, she feels as if her world has come to an end. It turns out that Starlight is missing her just as much, and she is called to come to Texas. What happens next comes as a big surprise to everyone, especially, Miranda. For the rest of the summer, until Sept 1, we are selling each of the first six books of the series for the same price as the special we're offering at or summer events, plus shipping. Now only $5.00!
Starlight Shines for Miranda
This book continues the mishaps and adventures of Miranda and her friends. Just as Miranda feels her dreams are coming true, a surprise announcement by Mr. Taylor threatens to ruin everything. Fast-paced and engaging, this installment promises to thrill readers of all ages and the growing following of this delightful series.
Gaydeana Eastman Hickman, Winfield (Kansas) Daily Courier
- Gaydeana Hickman
So after finishing the fifth book, I finally decided who Miranda Stevens reminds me of...she is definitely the modern day version of Tom Sawyer!! Her impulsiveness, ability to learn from her mistakes and good heart make her an endearing character and her adventurous spirit, willingness to speak her mind and act on injustice are definitely traits to admire. The plots of the Miranda and Starlight books are exciting and keep readers both young and old totally engaged. I will recommend the books to all of my teacher friends for classroom reading. These are sure to get reluctant young readers going as well! Susan Stanaway, teacher
- Susan Stanaway


2010 Electronic ISBN: 9780982089385

2004 Paperback 198 pages ISBN: 9780971416154

slightly marred cover, otherwise excellent condition 198 pages ISBN: 9780971416154