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A Twist in Time by Janet Muirhead Hill

When two girls enter the same caverns on their thirteenth birthday, their lives change in ways no one could have expected. Madison Clark, only child of rich New Yorkers entered the Lewis and Clark Caverns on July 17, 2019, and Emily Sorenson, one of nine children of struggling Montana ranchers entered Morrison's Cave on July 17, 1919. Amidst a burst of light and a thunderous roar, an electrifying jolt shakes them to the core. As they recover, they find themselves lost in time. Madison must cope with life in the early 20th century, while Emily must adapt to the astonishingly fast and furious 21st, each wondering how they can ever get back to their own time.


2023 ebook ISBN: 9781937849702

2023 paperback 320 pages ISBN: 978-1-937849-69-6