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Hattie's Horse by Janet Muirhead Hill

When the global pandemic of 2020 hits the east coast, Hattie Thompson's parents, both medical doctors, send her to her grandmother's ranch in Montana, while they stay in Boston to treat patients. For Hattie, it's the best vacation she can imagine. She adores her grandmother and her grandmother's barrel-racing mare. Her grandmother lets her ride as much as she wishes—until an accident with the horse sends Hattie to the emergency room. Covid, a secret, a theft, an orphan foal, school, and interactions with her cousins, whose mother has been deported, make Hattie's life and that of her horses eventful and suspenseful story.
A young teen must find courage and resilience in the face of isolation from her family during the Covid pandemic. Hattie finds solace on her grandmother's ranch with"her" horse, until Dusty is stolen by a fugitive visitor she keeps secret. Her mistake haunts her, but she learns many life lessons during this process. A great girl-and-horse story.
- Heidi Thomas, author of Cowgirl Dream, Rescuing Samantha, and other Montana stories.
Hattie is splendidly crafted and consistently believable: her joys, her angst, her love of family.
- — Kae Cheatham, author of many YA and adult novels
This story has elements that will engage readers of all ages and lessons for
rural and city dwellers alike. Hattie has to make choices that cause her to
examine her own values and fears, and the result is a heartwarming tale.
Author Janet Hill has another great tale on her hands.
- Lorretta Lynde, author of the Magpie Odyssey series
Author Hill skillfully guides the reader through the difficulties of the year, 2020, with compassion, empathy, and spirit.
- Mary Cunningham, author of the Cynthia’s Attic series.
Harriet "Hattie" Thompson, thirteen, is living with her grandmother on
Gram’s small Montana Ranch while the pandemic rages. Hattie is Gram’s
namesake, and Gram, an expert horse trainer and rider, is Hattie’s hero.
They share Dusty, a well-trained horse.
This is a compelling story for teen and preteen readers stepping into the
realities and responsibilities of growing toward adulthood during a worldwide
Author Janet Hill knows girls and their horses, families and their issues,
and the beauty of Montana.
- Jan Walker, author of Romar Jones Takes a Hike and An Inmate’s Daughter
Hattie's Horse is a young-adult novel that subtly yet vividly portrays a thirteen-year-old girls experience of living through the COVID-19 pandemic on her grandmother's remote ranch in Montana. …Hill has achieved a difficult feat: writing an honest and compelling story about a devastating historical moment while living in the midst of the monster's grip. Bravo!
- Elise Atchinson, author of Crazy Mountain, winner of the 2019 Eludia Award
…a sensitive portrayal of a 13-year-old girl navigating the shoals of adolescence mad even more treacherous by the pandemic that has upended her world along with a whole new dilemma that arises with the discovery of a runaway boy hiding in her grandmother's barn. Hattie Thompson is an appealing character, and Janet Muirhead Hill deftly balances the heartache and frustration of the pandemic with hattie's enjoyment of her horse, Dusty, and her newfound secret friend.
- Gwen Florio, screenwriter, journalist, and author of Best Laid Plans and other novels.
Hattie's Horse is a unique and modern take on a girls' love for horses. Muirhead-Hill combines current events that are relatable and endearing, while also offering an escape into Hattie's world.
- Juliana Hutchings-Sebring, author of A Horse to Remember and owner and riding director at Appleton Equestrian


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2021 paperback 220 pages ISBN: 9781937849900