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Starlight's Shooting Star (Book 4 of the Miranda and Starlight series) by Janet Muirhead Hill

The fourth book of the Miranda and Starlight series finds Miranda Stevens, sixth grader at Country View School, getting into scrapes and adventures at school, at home, and most of all at the Shady Hills Horse Ranch where her friend Christopher keeps his mare, Queen, and where Miranda cares for, rides, and plays with the black Stallion, Starlight. Queen has a beautiful dark red foal sired by Starlight. Ignoring the young filly, Shooting Star, because she isn't black, his signature color, Mr. Taylor asks Miranda to help a jockey bond with Starlight so he can enter him in some races. She wants to keep Starlight as a horse that only she can ride. For the rest of the summer, until Sept 1, we are selling each of the first six books of the series for the same price as the special we're offering at or summer events, plus shipping. Now only $5.00!
I marvel at the depth of the plot in your series of the Starlight books. They have been enjoyed by young and old in my family. Keep on writing, ­— A Montana mother and grandmother
- mother and grandmother
Starlight’s Shooting Staris a wonderful addition to the Starlight series. Each book in this series is better than the last. As the story unfolds the reader is at the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. I liked the way Ms. Hill brought Carey Steven’s back into Miranda’s life as the mother she always wanted. Bringing back her father and the adoption of baby Kort was an unexpected and pleasant twist. This book was wonderfully written and illustrated. Concern for Margot has me looking forward to the next story. Starlight’s Shooting Star is another brilliant novel that will delight readers both young and old. —KeepItComing.com by Somer Robb
- Somer Robb
Starlight’s Shooting Star
I know a great series when I read one! Here is one just waiting for young readers to discover! So much happens in this book. Grandpa has an accident, Miranda and a few classmates become lost, and a surprising new character throws everyone for a loop! Book four, in my opinion, is the best one yet. — Detra Fitch, HUNTRESS REVIEWS
- Detra Fitch


2010 Electronic ISBN: 9780982089378

2003 Paperback 191 pages ISBN: 9780971416130