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Moonlight in Mud Puddles by Kedric H. Cecil

In the sequel to Wisdom From the Streets, Dr. Kedric H. Cecil reflects on further examples from his life as a teenage runaway on the streets of Seattle, exploring his own experiences of trauma and abuse which often led to further problems and issues in adulthood. Following many years as a university professor and family therapist in clinical and residential treatment settings, the author describes his own life struggles and offers realistic and practical suggestions for personal transformation and empowerment.
The book depicts vulnerability as a strength…an asset to reach the unreachable. It pushes you to come up with your own truth, rather than fall into a pattern that was only developed in your mind because others told you it was so. The book allows you the permission to heal and reminds you that boundaries are essential. I highly recommend this read to anyone who has a pulse. Growth happens; it’s not just a book.
- Jen Tveraa, probation and parole officer
Moonlight in Mud Puddles is a captivating and emotional read that celebrates the duality in the journey of life, taking the reader along for the ride. I found myself both laughing and crying when reading this. Dr. Cecil shares intense past experiences, the science of trauma, clinical experience, and humor while finding true self love. Anyone who has ever struggled to understand themselves should read this book. In a beautiful dance between past and present, Dr. Cecil reminds us that we cannot run from ourselves and that we don’t need to.
- Chelsey Duenow, Licensed Addiction Counselor
Kedric H. Cecil weaves his personal story with psychological theories and affecting insights from tumultuous experiences of his own and others. Speaking both from personal depth and insights into the lives of others, the winding path of this book involves and inspires the reader. He includes conversations between himself as a young man and as a mature doctor of psychology. Hope is the glue which holds this book together, reflected like the image of its evocative title.
- Marcia Melton, author
I recently had the pleasure of reading Ric Cecil’s book. I enjoyed the read very much and learned a lot more about my friend than I previously knew. It was an enjoyable ride through his life experiences that resulted in his realization of what his clarity of truth is, thus enabling him to reach out to help others heal from the same maladies that occupied much of his youth.

Ric does a great job of sharing with the reader that everyone has something to offer regardless of how we may feel about ourselves at any given time.
- —Jerry McGowan, author


2018 ebook ISBN: 978-1-937849-52-82.9

2019 Print 190 pages ISBN: 978-1-937849-51-1