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Captain and Danni by Janet Muirhead Hill

CAPTAIN and DANNI (a two-book set—shrinkwrapped together) The saga of two troubled teens, finding their way in the world. In The Body in the Freezer, thirteen-year-old Captain, whose smart mouth has earned him community service in a homeless shelter, meets the aloof, enigmatic Danni. Captain is determined to learn her secret. When he succeeds, he decides to help her evade detection by family services, whom she fears will separate her from her toddler sister. The result of their efforts lands both of them in group homes and on probation with a no-contact order until Danni has completed high school. In Danni, which begins three years later as seventeen-year-old Danni lives in a group home for girls Just finishing her junior year in high school, she is well on her way to earning scholarships for college where she aims to become a social worker. She wants to help abused and homeless children find refuge in a model foster home like the one that nurtures her sister. She secretly hopes that she’ll be able to renew her friendship with Captain, who attends a college far away, is facing struggles of his own, and believes that Danni has forgotten him. Danni perseveres until a violent sexual assault destroys her hopes. In her darkest hour, after learning she’s pregnant and under a warning that her sister will be next if she tells, she decides she can’t go on. It is only her sister’s voice that pulls her back from the brink of death. In the end, she is glad she found the strength and encouragement to go on, bring her perpetrators to justice, and follow her dreams—all of them


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