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The Teen Years: Miranda and Starlight trilogy by Janet Muirhead Hill

Three books in one set: Books 7, 8, and 9 of the Miranda and Starlight series see Miranda through high school and beyond. At fourteen she and her friend Christopher take horses to the Crow Fair where they plan to compete. All is well until one of the horses disappears. A perilous search in the Pryor mountains nearly costs Miranda her life. A Crow Indian boy saves her. In book 8, Miranda sells some horses,buys some more, and enters competition in a big fair in South Dakota. Misunderstanding and mixed up emotions regarding a horse rancher's handsome son threatens Miranda and Chris's relationship. In Miranda's senior year in high school and beyond, in book 9, Miranda enters horses in major races as her trainer and friend, Higgins, convinces her that they were bred to run. When a horse comes up lame Miranda has important decisions to make about her future and the future of her horses. A semester of college abroad with Starlight at a large horsefarm leads to new friends, new problems, heartache, and triumphs.


2017 Paperback 700 pages ISBN: 9781937849450