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The Jenny by Jim Moore

Merci Bruce brings the Jenny, a WWII flying machine to her father's central-Montana ranch in the spring of 1920. It quickly becomes the center of attention, not only because airplanes are rare in that time and place, but more so because the pretty Miss Bruce is the pilot. The focus of attention quickly shifts when the body of her handsome mechanic is found with a German bayonet pinning it to the boardwalk in front of the Two Dot saloon. Nate Hamilton, the son of a local rancher is accused of murder, and Merci's brother, Spencer Bruce, is chosen to defend his neighbor and friend. Merci doesn't believe Nate did it, and sets out to find the real killer.


2012 electronic ISBN: 978-1-937849-30-6

2015 Paperback 384 pages ISBN: 978-1-937849-29-0