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The Orange Slipknot by Jan Young

Twelve-year-old Ben is impatient to grow up and fill the footprints his father leaves on the Nevada cattle ranch where he works as the ‘top hand.’ Meeting the high expectations of his father is difficult enough, without the enmity expressed by Fred, the old cow boss, who seems to hate him. His Great Idea of roping a ground squirrel takes a disastrous turn that results in Big Trouble for him and good-natured teasing from all the cowboys in the bunkhouse. Trying to help Ben get back into the good graces of both his father and Fred, these working ‘buckaroos’ teach him some old-time western skills that will help him take responsibility for the trouble he has caused. Ben grows up very quickly when he’s put in a position where only he can save Fred’s life, earning the respect he craves from everyone on the ranch. This exciting story is a window on ranch life in the Great basin of the United States . Here, cowboy culture and practices reflect the strong influence of the Spanish vaquero traditions of the Old West. Customs and terms specific to this area and still in use today are defined in a glossary in the back of the book.
This is an exciting story of cattle ranching in the Great Basin of western United States. Here, modern ranching techniques and practices mix with old Spanish vaquero tradition. Author Jan Young fills her story with details of ranching life — four-wheelers, horses, rifles, and wildlife. With a fourteen page glossary of ranching terms & cowboy slang and a comprehensive study guide, the book could be a useful tool for classroom instruction.
- ForeWord Magazine
This gripping coming-of-age story combines vibrant local color with a backdrop of timeless and universal themes. The young adults I teach will be sure to enjoy this book, a good read that carries a punch. , Professor of English Education and Director of Boise State Writing Project
- Jeffrey D. Wilhelm Ph.D., professor of English Education
As the urban population of our nation grows, I feel the gap in understanding of rural problems also widens. Realizing our youth are our tomorrow, I was excited to read The Orange Slipknot by Jan Young. Her story, directed to young readers, brings country life alive.
- Milly Hunt Porter, author


2010 electronic ISBN: 978-0-9820893-1-6

2007 Paperback 180 pages ISBN: 978-0-9772525-5-8