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The Twins Trilogy by Janet Muirhead Hill

The story of twins, separated at age four and desperately seeking each other at age 11 is told in three novels. KENDALL'S STORM, follows the frightened and lonely boy twin as he travels with his father through many states and finally to the Long Beach Peninsula in southwest Washington. He can only guess why they leave each new home in a hurry, often leaving belongings behind. His father won't tell him. When Kendall rescues a bedraggled puppy he names Storm from a hail storm, he makes a friend to keep him company when his father leaves him alone in strange new places. KYLEAH'S TREE, the companion novel, finds his sister, Kyleah, living in a foster home in faraway Kansas, where she was sent to live with grandparents when her mother died. They kept her briefly before moving into a retirement home and turning her over to the state. Untrusting of adults, she makes herself a loner as she wonders if her father and brother are alive, and if so, why they don't want her. With a chance to run away from the foster home with an older foster brother, she hopes to find out. Instead, through harrowing adventures and narrow escapes, she learns many lessons, including the true meaning of family. In the exciting conclusion, KENDALL AND KYLEAH, each twin's story continues in alternating chapters until their paths eventually cross and they face new challenges together.


2013 wrapped 3 book set ISBN: 978-1-937849-09-2