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The Body on the Floor of the Rotunda by Jim Moore

When an autopsy indicates foul play, Missoula Senator Audrey Welter finds herself accused of murder. She turns to a Senate colleague, attorney Stretch Bruce from Roundup, to represent her. They struggle to fulfill their legislative obligations while preparing a defense to the charge and trying to figure out who is the real killer. Was it the Governor? The Attorney General? The vagrant found lurking in the basement of Capitol? Was it Audrey s former husband, who was enamored with the dead woman and had been stalking her? The twists and turns come one after another right up to the end of the trial, as Audrey’s life hangs in the balance.
Jim Moore’s The Body On The Floor Of The Rotunda is Montana storytelling at its best. The scenes of the legislature in session are so real they could only have been written by someone who lived them. I could hear the click of heels on marble floors and feel a crackle in the air. The plotting is brisk, and the characters are deftly drawn. Aficionados of courtroom drama will especially appreciate Moore’s tense portrayal of a criminal trial. The courtroom dialogue is razor sharp and whip smart. As often happens in a close case, the fortunes of the defendant rise and fall with each witness. Moore’s trial scenes are the real deal, and he captures the stress and excitement of trial as few writers can.
Don’t pick up this book expecting to go to bed early.
- Judge William Russell McElyea
I have now read "Ride the Jawbone," "Election Day" and "The Body on the Floor of the Rotunda." I enjoyed all three tremendously but especially "Rotunda".
Living in Helena, having been a lobbyist for one session and a justice of the peace here for 20 years, reading "Rotunda" was like going to work but much more enjoyable. And too short. I was sorry to reach the end.
- Wallace Jewell
There is a ‘Montana Way’ in everything Jim Moore does. This book is an example of his dedication to a good story under the Big Sky. The novel is written well and deserves to be read by everyone who loves our great state.
- Neil J. Lynch, Former Majority Leader, Montana State Senate
In this fast-moving murder mystery charged with political intrigue, Jim Moore draws on his background as a Bozeman attorney and Montana State Senate Minority Leader. Set against the backdrop of the capitol building in Helena, Moore’s story gives insight into state politics and the maneuvering of politicians—with deception occurring at the highest levels. Love and lust drive the action that ends with a dramatic courtroom scene. This novel captivates right to the end.
- Kathleen Mohn, Founder of Speak and Write, a corporate training firm
Anyone who likes a good ‘who done it’ will love the latest from Jim Moore. I thought I had it figured out and had several great surprises at the end. The intertwining of the legislative process, cross party politics, unscrupulous politicians, a murder and a senator/attorney/rancher who helps the damsel in distress makes for a great story. All that with a twist of Montana passion! You couldn’t ask for more in an intriguing weekend read.
- Cindy Younkin, Attorney


2013 electronic ISBN: 978-1-937849-16-0

2013 Hard cover 372 pages ISBN: 978-1-937849-15-3

2013 Paperback 372 pages ISBN: 978-1-937849-14-6