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Kendall and Kyleah by Janet Muirhead Hill

Twins, a girl, Kyleah, and a boy, Kendall, were separated at age four when their parents divorced. The father took Kendall and the mother kept Kyleah. As dysfunctional in divorce as they were in marriage, the parents agreed not to let the twins see or hear from each other. "It'll be easier that way." Although Kendall and Kyleah have not seen each other since that tearful day when their parents pulled them apart, they haven't forgotten each other, now, eight years later and living in far distant parts of the country, each has given up hope of finding the other. But, as more mishaps befall each of them, they are led down paths through heart-stopping adventures that will eventually intersect, with more challenges for them to meet together.
“Kendall and Kyeah’s struggles as separated twins, each wondering if the other is still alive, continues in this coming-of-age story. Both are doing well in their respective foster home placements...when the story opens. A house fire on the coast and a tornado in Kansas spin both preteens into a turmoil as their journey to their thirteenth birthday and their ninth year apart looms. Hill keeps young readers turning pages in this fast-paced, action-filled and totally satisfying novel.”
—Jan Walker, author of An Inmate’s Daughter and Romar Jones Takes a Hike
- Jan Walker
“Ms. Hill is a gifted storyteller. While this story
is intended primarily for young adults, it’s a great read for those of any age.”
—Jim Moore, author of Ride the Jawbone and Election Day
- Jim Moore


2012 electronic ISBN: 978-1-937849-06-1

2012 Paperback 265 pages ISBN: 978-1-937849-05-4