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Kyleah's Tree by Janet Muirhead Hill

Eleven-year-old Kyleah Ralston has a secret wish and believes it will come true if she makes a wish on the sunrise from the very top of her favorite tree. She must close her eyes and repeat the wish at just the right moment, or it won't work. She wishes to be beautiful enough that her father will want her and take her back to be with her twin brother whom she hasn't seen since she was four years old. Living in a foster home in Kansas, she has no idea where her dad and brother might have gone since they left her and her mother in their Montana home. After breaking her leg one morning, her foster parents forbid her to climb her tree. Kyleah is so angry at this, that when an older boy from the foster home asks her to run away with him, she does. As the two as travel from Winfield Kansas to Moose Jaw, Canada by any and every means they can find, the encounter many dangers, close calls, and high adventure. Through it all, Kyleah learns the true meaning of home and that it begins with learnng to love and accept herself.
When nothing is going right, sometimes all you can do is run away. "Kyleah's Tree" is the tragic tale of one young Kyleah, Losing her brother, losing her father, losing her own personal place, she finds the only person to understand her is her foster brother. The two leave the serenity of Kansas on a long whirlwind journey that crosses international borders, learning that even when things are at their worst, love and respect can bring joy to one's heart. "Kyleah's Tree" is a unique story of growing up done in a rarely before seen way, greatly recommended to youth readers.
- Diane C. Donovan, Editor
Janet Muirhead Hill has crafted a YA fiction that tugs at the deepest emotions....This heart-stopping, sometimes dangerous adventure is a real page-turner as you follow Kyleah and Benjamin on a quest to find long-lost family. --Mary Cunningham, Author of Cynthia's Attic
- Mary Cunningham
The world can seem so hateful to a youth trying to comprehend it all. "Kyleah's Tree" tell the tale of the struggles of young Kyleah Ralston, abandoned by her father and family. Not getting along with her foster family, she turns to flee it all with her foster brother, and their journey takes them across America and into Canada. Kyleah quickly learns many lessons of life, with perhaps the true meaning of family. "Kyleah's Tree" is a thoughtful and much recommended read for youth fiction collections.
- James A. Cox


2009 electronic ISBN: 978-0-9820893-3-0

2008 first edition paperback 202 pages ISBN: 978-0-9772525-9-6

2011 Misprint 208 pages ISBN: 978-0-9827377-9-8

2011 Revised Paperback 202 pages ISBN: 978-0-9827377-9-8