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Starlight Comes Home (Miranda and Starlight Book six) by Janet Muirhead Hill

In this, the sixth book of the Miranda and Starlight series many new adventures await Miranda and her friends, Christopher and Laurie, and their horses. Laurie's mare, Lady, hides her foal, and Miranda, on Starlight, crosses a dangerous section of the river to find it, narrowly escaping catastrophe. A new baby brother is born, and a cousin of Laurie's moves to Montana to further complicate Miranda's life. When Starlight disappears, Miranda and Chris go on a search and rescue mission and end up saving a life. For the rest of the summer, until Sept 1, we are selling each of the first six books of the series for the same price as the special we're offering at or summer events, plus shipping. Now only $5.00!
Dear Ms. Muirhead Hill:
I am a huge fan. My name is Kiaya Spitler. I am a freshman at Carlisle High School in Ohio. When I was in sevehtn grade my aunt, Lydell, gave me your Miranda and starlight seriews. I loved those books so much and have recommended them to many of my friends. Thank you for being such a great author and inspiration to me. I started writing this letter because we were told to write to our favorite author, and I thought that was so cool. So when I got home, I looked at one shelf in my room to see which author I had the most of. And it was you. So thank you.
My favorite book of the Miranda and Starlight series is the last one, Starlight Comes Home. I loved the ending…. I reread all of the books. And that was just because I couldn't get enough.
Kiaya M. Spitler
- Kiaya Spitler
Author:Janet Muirhead Hill
Title - Starlight Comes Home
(November 2004. / Starlight Series, Bk 6)

Miranda Stevens turns thirteen, but her life does not slow down at all. If anything, it speeds up and gets more complicated. Miranda did not realize that two guys are attracted to her. Her thoughts are mainly on her horse, Starlight, and those closest to her. Miranda’s mom is due to deliver another baby, Margot dreams of being adopted by the Stevens and feels unwanted, and there are two new kids at school.

Laurie’s cousin, Rose Marie, comes to live with Laurie’s family for awhile. Rose Marie is seventeen. She is always in trouble, wears dark make up, smokes, and hangs out with a bad crowd. Envious and jealous of Miranda, Rose Marie begins turning all the kids against Miranda, including her closest. No one seems to like Miranda anymore ... and then Starlight disappears!

***** This is an excellent ending to the series. Throughout the books, Miranda has grown up and matured, making complicated decisions as she went. She shows that no matter how bad things become, one must do the right thing and hope for the best. Eventually, events will come together.

In my opinion, this series will attract more than just the girls who love horses. Miranda is a great role model. She is so realistic that kids cannot help but relate to Miranda and her problems. At the same time, readers can follow Miranda during all her adventures. Outstanding! *****
— HUNTRESS REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)
Posted: http://www.huntressreviews.com/reg.htm and http://www.huntressreviews.com/allkids.htm

- Detra Fitch
This is the best book in the series!!! It deals with real problems we kids face. The ending is surprising and very good. This book tells that no matter how bad things get you can always get through them. D’Jean age 12,
- D'Jean Peters, age 12
The perfect conclusion to the time line created by the author to showcase the life, loves and adventures of Miranda and Starlight. The realistic story line with believable characters and events should be eagerly read by all. ­­— Carolyn A. Garber, President, Carroll County (MD) Equestrian Council

- Carlyn A. Garber
To me it was like being reunited with an old friend, when I picked up that 6th book. The characters were friends and I felt with and for them as they continued their adventures!
The events were so true to what happens to kids these days. The strong family units that helped them through it all ... something parents should read !! —Zelpha Boyd, Columnist
- Zelpha Boyd, columnist


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