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The mission of Raven Publishing is to engage, entertain, excite, and inspire readers through the publication of thoughtful, compelling books. We publish works that contribute to the greater literary community, encourage imagination, and foster the relationship between author and reader.

At this time, Raven Publishing is not accepting any manuscripts for publication.


NEW BOOK: The Body In The Freezer, by Janet Muirhead Hill

The Body In The Freezer by Janet Muirhead Hill

The Body In The Freezer

Available June 20, 2014

Price $15.00


NEW BOOK: Joe Henry's Journey, by Marcia Melton

Joe Henry's Journey

Joe Henry's Journey

Price $12.00


NEW BOOK: The Dishwater Tree, by Angela Janacaro

The Dishwater Tree

The Dishwater Tree

Price $15.00

MS audio


Starting the Colt

Starting Colt Curriculum Unit



All of our titles are available here on our website as well as in many online and brick and mortar stores. For more about our company's history see Janet Muirhead Hill's blog.

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The Body on the Floor of the Rotunda

by Jim Moore

Hardcover: $26.00

Paperback: $16.00


Election Day

Election Day

by Jim Moore

Hard Cover Price: $25.00

Paperback Price: $15.00


2013 High Plains Book Award Finalist

The Boarding House
by Marcia Melton
illustrated by Fran Doran

When their father dies in the copper mines of Butte, Montana, eleven-year-old Emmie and her twelve-year-old brother, Conrad have some big adjustments to make. Stricken with grief, they move with their mother to operate a boarding house in the nearby mountain town of Phillipsburg. This middle-grade historical novel tells their story and reflects the hardships as well as the political landscape of 1914.

Available NOW: Price $12.00

The Twins Trilogy
by Janet Muirhead Hill
Kyleah's Tree and Kendall's Storm and Kendall and Kyleah
Kyleah's Tree
Price $12.00

Kendall's Storm
Price $12.00

Kendall and Kyleah
Price $14.00

The third book of the Twins Trilogy, Kendall and Kyleah, is here now!


click here to listen to an excerpt of this audio book.

Absaroka, From War to Wyoming Audio book Trailer

The Road Between

by Florence Bell Ore


To read her book on Amazon's Kindle, Click Here or find other e-book editions on Smashwords

Ride the Jawbone

by Jim Moore



Find Ride the Jawbone on Kindle from Amazon

The electronic edition is also available on Smashwords

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Nesting Tree BooksNesting Tree Books (books written by children)

Big, Smelly, Furry, but Sweet, by Sasha Thomas
About My Dog, by Kaden Weber