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Starlight Bulk Sales by Janet Muirhead Hill

The Miranda and Starlight series of six books has long been a favorite and best seller for Raven Publishing. Realizing the value to young readers, we are reaching out to individuals and organizations that want to get books into the hands of marginalized children, such as children in foster care, homeless children, and others who may feel left out and are struggling to find themselves and their worth in the world. And so we offer then sets of this book series at cost plus shipping. In other words you can get sixty books for $1.00 each, or $60.00. Miiranda is a lonely ten-year-old girl in the first book of this saga the sees her to her 14th birthday. She has been sent to live with her grandparents and to go to a school where she is unaccepted. She believes that if she only had. a horse, she wouldn't care about not having any friends. She is wrong, but learns many valuable lessons about herself, honesty, friendship, and, yes, horses, along the way.


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Dear Mrs. Hill,
Before I read Miranda and Starlight, I hated reading. Your books changed my life. Last night I read Starlight's Shooting Star for 3 hours and it felt like five minutes. You have a gift and Never stop writing books!I have to go read Starlight's Courage. God bless you. Katherine
- - Katherine Wade , age 11
Miranda Stevens had been sent to live with her grandparents while her mother searched for work as a model. At school she felt left out and alone. She was the only girl in class who did not own a horse. Miranda was sure that if she only had a horse of her own nothing else would matter.
Then a new girl, Laurie Langley, came to the school. While still getting to know each other, they met Christopher Bergman.
When Christopher dared Miranda to ride the most beautiful horse she had ever seen, she never hesitated. That dare began a series of adventures for the three friends.

***** This new series is PERFECT for both boys and girls, especially if they are fond of horses! The author shows that if you act without thinking the consequences can be dire indeed!
The story is very well written, flows smoothly, and is easy to understand. The adventures of Miranda will keep young readers glued to the book as they watch the trio of friends learn lessons of honesty and loyalty. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SERIES! *****
- Huntress Reviews, Detra Fitch
All horse lovers will relate to this joyfu story of a spunky young girl's journey with the horse of her dreams. The main character, Miranda Stevens, inspires young readers as she discovers the importance of faith, friendship, and integrity.
- Western Horseman
All horse lovers will relate to this joyfu story of a spunky young girl's journey with the horse of her dreams. The main character, Miranda Stevens, inspires young readers as she discovers the importance of faith, friendship, and integrity.
- Western Horseman
Miranda Stevens is a lonely fifth grader who feels that if she only had a horse of her own, everything else in her life would be okay. Then in response to a dare by Chris, a boy who has a habit of bullying others, she mounts a beautiful black horse named Starlight and begins a wonderful adventure of scrapes, narrow escapes, and quandaries that teach Miranda life lessons in honesty, trust, and courage. Beautiful black and while illustrations by Pat Lehmkuhl enhance Janet Muirhead Hill's charming and highly recommended story for young readers.
- Children's Bookwatch
Dear Ms. Hill
I read your book, Miranda and Starlight, and I really enjoyed it. It was full of life. I felt like I was there watching it all happen. I can't wait to read Starlight's Courage.

Sincerely, Jessica
- Jessica Wilson, age 8
I opened up "Miranda and Starlight" tonight just to check it out and found that I couldn't put it down until I finished it! I was hooked from the beginning! What a great story...it leaves you anticipating each page...and remembering what it's like to be at the mercy of adults...and your fears! What a great way to introduce values and teach the idea of standing up for oneself. I'm going to send it to my niece and nephew...they will love it!

Thanks so much for your wonderful writing!

- S'zanne Reynolds
- S'zanne Reynolds
This is an American story of the great outdoors, of following the wisdom of the heart, of wanting love, and living the great American dream. There’s magic in the everyday. Author Hill writes a spare, sensitive prose and illustrator Lehmkuhl gives us vivid scenes of the girl and the horse. A portrayal of youth and hopes and the high-spirited joy of love.

- The Book Reader
Miranda and Starlight: All horse lovers will relate to this joyful story of a spunky young girl's journey with the horse of her dreams. The main character, Miranda Stevens, inspires young readers as she discovers the importance of faith, friendship, and integrity. Plans are in the works to turn the modern-day classic into a movie, and custom quizzes are available through Renaissance Learning for academic purposes. Large type, understandable words and illustrations make this book easy to read. It's about a girl named Miranda who's sent to live with her grandparents and attend a new school. A big bully dares Miranda to ride a beautiful horse in a field near school, and it sends her on an adventure where she learns about honesty and makes new friends. I see a lot of myself in Miranda, because we both love horses and caring for them.
- Nicolle Caraway
This is the first book of the Starlight Series. It's about a 10-year-old girl named Miranda Stevens. She lives with her grandparents in Montana because her mom is in Los Angeles working as an actress. Miranda has a hard time finding a friend. Nobody in school likes her. A boy named Chris Bergman bullies her.
Miranda wants to make friends, have a real family like everyone else instead of living with her grandmother, and she wants to have a horse. On the first day of fifth grade Miranda meets another new girl in school. Her name is Laurie Langley. Her wish came true.
Then one day Chris dares her to ride a horse in the pasture. She falls in love with the horse and names it Starlight. The horse is black. Chris stops bullying Miranda because she helps him with riding lessons. Miranda learns lots of lessons. She learns she can't lie to her grandparents.
I really, really like Miranda and Starlight. I think that kids reading this book can learn from the things Miranda experiences. Also, I think that if someone wishes hard enough the wishes can come true.
- Natalie Novakowski, age 9
Miranda and Starlight is the first in a series of six books featuring Miranda and Starlight. In this exciting adventure, for young readers, Janet Murihead Hill has captured something of the young reader's insecurity, fear, and pride. Miranda and Chris find it difficult to communicate openly with their parents.
Miranda desperately wants a horse. Chris needs to learn to ride his. Intricate plot twists bring them together in a complicated web of lies, and deceit. Through the events that unfold Miranda and Chris learn lessons in the importance of honesty, responsibility, courage, and trust.
Hill's writing is powerful and inspiring. Illustrations by Pat Lehmkuhl bring another important dimension to the story. Her pen and ink drawings are strong as they create and identify the settings and the characters in the story. She also has the amazing ability to depict the emotions the characters are feeling through facial expressions and body language.
This is a story for the young reader as well as an excellent read aloud story for delightful, cherished family nights at home.
- Richard R. Blake, children's author
Miranda and Starlight is a heartfelt story with a main character who is fiesty and energetic. Young readers need more good horse books like this one.
- Nora Martin, author of The Eagle's Shadow, The Stone Dancers, and A perect Snow
Miranda and Starlight, a book about friendship trust and courage has characters you will love. I couldn't put it down as Miranda found herself in one dilemma after another. Lessons of honesty, honor, and loyalty are interwoven into this entertaining adventure of a young girl, her friends, and a horse. A must read for young readers.
- Zelpha Boyd, columnist.
Pre-teen girls with equine leanings will certainly enjoy this,(Starlight's Courage) Hill's rousing sequel to the first book in her series (Miranda and Starlight), a great standalone read, suitable too for discussion group use at the fifth grade level. In this outing, Miranda is lucky enough to be able to care for her dream horse, a rewarding task that also carries its rightful share of accompanying responsibility. In this case, some very naughty classmates provide the dark-side obstacles, and of course it's up to Miranda and Starlight and a healthy dose of courage summoned by both to defeat the evil doers

- The Boox Review
The intrepid heroine, Miranda, returns in Starlight's Courage by Janet Muirhead Hill, the second adventure of a youngster farmed out with her grandparents while her mother pursues an acting career revolves around issues pertinent to horse-lovers of all ages. Miranda doesn't recognize personal limits, especially when it comes to horses, and this provides Hill with plenty of material for her latest plot.
Having made dubious peace with Mr. Taylor, the craggy owner of Shady Hills Horse Ranch, Miranda continues to shower love and care on his injured colt, Starlight. She also works with best friends Laurie and Chris, owner of Queen to enter the big horse show. When right-hand man Higgins get laid up with a fracture, Miranda steps in. She deals with barn chores, racist classmates, and bruising personal disappointment. She learns who her father was and discovers her own worth in terms of courage when she thwarts a senseless act of revenge. But in this Starlight work, thing have a way of working out rather brilliantly for Miranda and friends.
Another easy read for the 12 and under crowd, plus a good choice for parent to read aloud.
- Lauren Giannini, In and Around Horse Country

This is the third book in a series about young Miranda Stevens and Starlight. Starlight is a two or three year old black stallion that has recently healed from serious leg wounds. Miranda wants nothing more than to own Starlight. It would ensure that the current owner, Mr. Taylor, would not someday part her from the beloved horse. Unfortunately, Starlight is so well recovered that Mr. Taylor is sure the horse can race. He has Adam, his trainer, begin training Starlight. However, Adam is mean to the horse so Starlight keeps bucking him off. Adam believes Miranda is spoiling the horse and keeps taking his anger out, verbally, on her. He refuses to believe Miranda could tell him anything that would aid him in training Starlight.

Unknown to most, Miranda had been working with Starlight already. The horse was fully trained and ready to race. But Starlights heart belonged to young Miranda, who seems to have a natural talent when it comes to handling horses.

***** Very little is mentioned about school or classmates in the book this time. The author focuses more on dealing with the problems of racism. Racism is a very sensitive issue in the world today and Janet Muirhead Hill does an excellent job in showing that skin color does not matter. In fact, the author the shows how petty it makes many adults seem. As in the previous book, Adam and Miranda continue to clash. I believe the author is foreshadowing the next book with this situation.
The book is perfect for anyone age eight or up who loves horses. It is clearly written out in a way young readers can easily understand and relate to. This is one exceptional series! *****

- HUNTRESS REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch
This fall I got really sick with a serious virus and shingles and I had to stay out of school for two months. Prima (my horse) and reading and writing stories were the only thing that kept me going at times when I felt so down. That was also the time when I learned about your books. I loved your books because I always read all horse stories but yours were better than most. Your series was more sophisticated (both in writing and in character development) than most. I liked specifically how you give the Miranda and the characters challenges that don't have very obvious solutions. Its more like real life, not all tied up in bow. It makes me want to keep reading them.

- Celeste Maisel, Age 13, Saratoga, CA
I got the book Starlight, Star Bright. It is my favorite so far. My brother hates horses, but Loves your books, so I think you made a great accomplishment. I want you to write ten billion books. I did a report on Miranda and Starlight and got an A+. Thank you sooooooo much for the books. I'm looking forward to reading your future books.
- Jessica Wilson, age 9, Massachusettes
Dear Ms. Muirhead Hill:
I am a huge fan. My name is Kiaya Spitler. I am a freshman at Carlisle High School in Ohio. When I was in seventh grade my aunt, Lydell, gave me your Miranda and Starlight series. I loved those books so much and have recommended them to many of my friends. Thank you for being such a great author and inspiration to me.
My favorite book of the Miranda and Starlight series is the last one, Starlight Comes Home. I loved the ending! I reread all of the books. And that was just because I couldn't get enough.
Kiaya M. Spitler
- Kiaya M. Spitler
Miranda Stevens turns thirteen, but her life does not slow down at all. If anything, it speeds up and gets more complicated. Miranda did not realize that two guys are attracted to her. Her thoughts are mainly on her horse, Starlight, and those closest to her. Miranda's mom is due to deliver another baby, Margot dreams of being adopted by the Stevens and feels unwanted, and there are two new kids at school.

Laurie's cousin, Rose Marie, comes to live with Lauries family for awhile. Rose Marie is seventeen, is always in trouble, wears dark make up, smokes, and hangs out with a bad crowd. Envious and jealous of Miranda, Rose Marie begins turning all the kids against Miranda, including her closest. No one seems to like Miranda anymore ... and then Starlight disappears!

***** This is an excellent ending to the series. Throughout the books, Miranda has grown up and matured, making complicated decisions as she went. She shows that no matter how bad things become, one must do the right thing and hope for the best. Eventually, events will come together.

In my opinion, this series will attract more than just the girls who love horses. Miranda is a great role model. She is so realistic that kids cannot help but relate to Miranda and her problems. At the same time, readers can follow Miranda during all her adventures. Outstanding! *****
- HUNTRESS REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)
This (Starlight Comes Home) is the best book in the series!!! It deals with real problems we kids face. The ending is surprising and very good. This book tells that no matter how bad things get you can always get through them.
- D'Jean Peters, age 12, Montana
This (Miranda and Starlight) is more than a mere horse story. It is a journey of courage and consequences for younger juvenile readers. My own children will read this story.
- Writer Notes Award for young adult fiction