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Rascals, Ruffians, and Rebels:Profies from Early Montana by Gary R. Forney

COMING SOON: Release scheduled for July 15. You can order at any time for delivery as soon as it comes off the press. Montana has been blessed with incredible natural beauty, bountiful resources, and daring men and women: pioneers who dared to make this place their home. By 1863, there was a rapidly spreading awareness of rich discoveries of gold in what would become a part of the Montana Territory. This news became the primary impetus for the first major wave of immigration into the area. The disruptive economic, social, and cultural impact of the Civil War brought those who had been merchants, farmers, school teachers, lawyers and many other occupations in search of a new beginning. Montana's gold and untamed land became a magnet for people from not only the Northern and Southern states of American, but from dozens of countries. Montana became a collision point of people with different political beliefs, different social and cultural customs, and different languages, but all with a common dream. By presenting a balanced and accurate profile of the lives of some famous, some infamous, and some barely known men and women, the author seeks to preserve the stories of how an eclectic cross-section of men and women pursued their dream of a better life in early Montana. Each of the lives of these men and women are significant in term of what they did-for better or for worse-to shape and define the structure and character of Montana.While not each of the twelve individuals from early Montana history included in this book is necessarily worthy of emulation, they do represent examples of the generation that would create the trails which have become the highways we travel. They built Montana's first schools, churches, farms, ranches, mines and businesses. They would establish law and civil order, and lay the foundations of our state government. Every day, their lives touch those of us who call Montana home. We stand upon their shoulders.


2020 Paperback 232 pages ISBN: 9781937849634