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8 Seconds by Jim Moore

In 1950, the world of a young rodeo bronc rider from Montana State College is rocked when he is charge with of the crime of murder in the first degree—the murder of a close friend and fellow rodeo participant. In a rush to judgment, the sheriff of Park County, Montana has made up his mind that Cassius Bruce is responsible for murder of Summer Hetherington at Hunter's Hot Springs. Cassius Bruce is the fourth generation of the Bruce family introduced in Jim Moore's novels. Even though surrounded by a family of lawyers, and defended by his aunt and her law partner, the young man is constantly haunted by the specter of prison. In her search for the real killer, his Aunt Merci Bruce can find no one else to point to. Can she keep her beloved nephew from a life in prison?


2017 ebook ISBN:

2017 Paperback 296 pages ISBN: 978-1-937849-38-2

2021 Second edition 364 pages ISBN:

Jim Moore’s writing gift was a considerable one: He could take his remarkable professional accomplishments and the experiences of a well-lived Montana life and blend them with his wonderful imagination, bringing to life stories that were unfailingly relatable and yet unlike anything else on the market. Never has this gift been more generously shared than in his final novel, 8 SECONDS. To those well-versed in the fictitious Bruce family, saddle up for one last adventure. To those who’ve not yet made the family’s acquaintance, I have some good news: You’re about to get some fresh fuel for your reading habit.
- Craig Lancaster, author of And It Will Be a Beautiful Life (May 2021) and 600 Hours of Edward.
You can just about taste the dust from the rodeo grounds in Jim Moore’s final novel - 8 Seconds. Set in central and southwest Montana in the 1950’s, this classical who-dun-it combines courtroom drama with an authentic glimpse into the ranching life many still live today.
- Stephen Ore, author of Round Trip.
Typical of Jim Moore's mystery novels, 8 Seconds is a fast paced thrill ride of suspenseful curves and angles that keep the reader continually guessing. Set in the author's native Montana, it is filled with place names and descriptions familiar to many Montana readers. In addition, this novel is loaded with details about rodeoing and criminal law that readers will find fascinating.
- Bob Brown, former Montana Senator and Secretary of State
Jim has crafted a well-told story with characters and settings which truly have the flavor of what could be a genuine Montana incident; and which offers a surprising twist at the end.
- Gary Forney, author of several articles and five books on early Montana history
Drawing from a lifetime of experience as a rancher and attorney, Jim Moore writes legal thrillers in a distinctly Montanan way. In his compelling page-turner, 8 Seconds, he gives us keen details of rodeo, ranching, and the law, coupled with a clear understanding that life goes on even under the most dire circumstances. His characters are direct and forthright. All except for the murderers, of course. The stakes here reflect this directness -- these are not far-fetched tales of grand conspiracies and melodrama, riddled with plot holes. Here, realistic folks struggle with feelings of loss, guilt, and concern for their reputation, while the quest for the truth plays out in trial. Fortunes change and even lives end, in fewer than 8 seconds.
- Keith Suta, Writer, Broadcaster
Eight seconds is the qualifying time for a rodeo bronc rider to stay in the saddle. By the coroner's account, it likely took less than eight seconds for the victim, a Montana State College co-ed, to die of a stab wound to her neck.

Jim Moore sets his latest murder mystery in 1950 in the Bozaman area; the story centers upon a group of friends, all participants in college rodeo events. After an outing to the local hot springs one evening, no one notices that Summer Hetherington has been left behind. When her dead body is discovered in a pool at the hot springs the next morning, a lengthy murder investigation begins, and the prime suspect is one of Summer's closest friends, Cass Bruce.

Compelling courtroom dialogs are Moore's specialty and he does not disappoint, giving credible voice to the particiapants in proceeding throughout the trial process.

During his year as a student at Montana State College, (Now Montana State University), Moore competed in college rodeo events. He eventually earned a law degree, served two terms in the state legislature and is now retired from the firm he founded in Bozeman. This is his sixth novel.
- Judy Shafter, Montana Arts Council