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The Horse and the Crow: A Miranda and Starlight Story (Book 7) by Janet Muirhead Hill

In this, the seventh book of the Miranda and Starlight series about a Montana girl and her beloved black stallion, we meet Teddy, a ten-year-old Crow boy who wants to be like the last great chief of his tribe, Chief Plenty Coup. Plagued with a feeling of foreboding, fourteen-year-old Miranda Stevens wonders what could go wrong. For starters, her best friend, Laurie, is forced by an emergency involving her Ohio grandparents to give up her plans for a long weekend at the Crow Fair. When Miranda finally talks her parents into letting her go, in spite of the fact that Laurie's parents cannot take her, the feeling persists. In the care of Higgins, her old friend and horse trainer, she and her friend Christopher take Starlight, Shooting Star, and Queen to Crow Agency, Montana, where Miranda plans to ride each of them in races. The feeling of foreboding finally disappears as she is caught up in the festivities of the encampment, so she is completely unprepared for what follows.


2015 Paperback 272 pages ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-937849-27-6