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The Many Adventures of Miranda and Starlight by Janet Muirhead Hill

MIranda and Starlight and the first five sequels have been reduced ito their original price. See the catalog for individual books, or get the entire six books in one wrapped gift set for even more savings. The many adventures of Miranda Stevens and the black stallion, Starlight that she loves begins when Miranda is ten years old and meets Starlight in book one. She celebrates her fourteenth birthday at the end of book six. Many mishaps and adventures happen to Miranda and her friends, Christopher and Laurie, and to their horses within the pages of these six books. Now only $50 for all six, or $ 9.00 each individually. Scroll through the catalog for more savings. Save an additional $10.00 this week while we feature this classic set for young readers. Since their publication in 2002-2004, these six books have been enjoyed by horse loving young girls, and often boys and adults as well. Miranda and Starlight remains one of our best sellers as new young readers discover the adventures of an impulsive young girl, the horse of her dreams and how she makes him her own.


Second edition ISBN: 978-0-9772525-8-9